Cloud based end-to-end data driven platform that digitized planning, execution, and measurement of logistics processes.

From the First Mile

to the Extra Mile

Quloi Delivers Lead Time Accuracy.

Maximize your order and shipment visibility, collaborate in real-time, quickly identify and resolve issues to deliver on time.


Context specific, action-based collaboration eliminates the gaps

Stop maintaining separate applications and manually entering data into each. Our supplier collaboration software helps you to automatically collect relevant data, get real-time updates, and give your teams full visibility into your suppliers.


The next generation
of data automation

Expedite and streamline supply chain processes, to give yourself the opportunity to reach the next level of operational effectiveness.


Bring your suppliers together online to maximize real-time collaboration

Order Management

First Mile Visibility

Product Visibility

Order and Product Dashboard

Booking and Shipment Management

See, Measure, Act

Know the benefits of working with Quloi

Is the first mile a blind spot?

Leverage First Mile
Supply Chain

Is connecting with suppliers difficult?

Enhance your

How productive is your communication?

Active Collaboration within relevant orders and shipments.

Are you stuck in manual processes?

Advance your Digital Decision-Making and Planning Support.

Trusted by the best

“I use Quloi’s shipment visibility module all the time to monitor and control the shipment status of critical parts for multiple factories. Quloi gives me quick access to reliable information that I include in daily detailed reports of parts movement required to continuously maintain high level of inventory accuracy.”

Production Materials Planner, Fortune 1000 Company

“With Quloi’s shipment visibility module I can quickly spot changes in delivery dates and advise production of delays of red flag material ítems.”

Materials Requirements Planner, Fortune 500 Company

“Shipment visibility is the only way.”

Logistics Manager Fortune 100 Company


We solve your first mile issues

We are a diverse team that is focused on delivering what matters most to you: product flow, supply chain velocity, cost reduction.