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ATA Freight Announces New Agile Technology Spin-Off – Quloi, Focused on Quantified Logistics Solutions that Optimize the Supply Chain

Garden City, NY…

ATA Freight, a leading global logistics and freight forwarding services provider, announced today that it has spun off a new technology firm focused on providing quantified logistics solutions that leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep logistics expertise to transform and optimize the supply chain. The agile start-up, Quloi, which stands for “Quantified Logistics Initiative,” is headquartered in Garden City, NY, in close proximity to New York City and some of the world’s busiest trade ports of call and transportation hubs.

ATA Freight Chief Operating Officer Matt Goker, who also will serve as Quloi’s CEO, stated, “There has never been a better time than now to launch a technology firm capable of optimizing the supply chain with leading-edge technologies and pioneering solutions.  We don’t intend to be another disruptor, but rather a unifying resource to all parties across the chain, from importers and exporters to freight forwarders, third-party logistics firms, carriers and shippers, truckers, ports and terminals. Our goal is to facilitate a resilient, optimized and fully-connected chain.”

Mr. Goker continued, saying, “Forward-thinking logistics and transportation executives recognize that digitization already has a strong foothold on the supply chain. Now, what they need most are end-to-end solutions integrating AI and augmented intelligence enabling them to improve their decision-making, access highly visible, real-time information, and remain connected and in control of their operations. That’s the value proposition that Quloi intends to deliver.”

Quloi is leveraging the brain trust of top technology professionals, who also bring extensive logistics and transportation experience to their roles. While there are many technology firms addressing different aspects of the supply chain, Quloi’s approach will be to provide holistic, fully-integrated solutions that improve supply chain operations on a 360º basis, making it, and all of the entities operating within it, stronger and more resilient. The company has also made sustainability a top priority and its solutions will help its customers reduce their carbon footprint.

Mr. Goker said that Quloi will be making its first major announcement within days.

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More About Quloi

 Quloi is a technology firm focused on quantified logistics solutions that transform the estimated $9.6 trillion global logistics industry. Combining AI, machine learning, proprietary algorithms and logistics expertise, the company is providing solutions designed to optimize the supply chain and all related processes. A spin-off of the technology division of a premier global logistics provider, Quloi will leverage the specializations of its experienced technology and logistics professionals in supply chain digitization, online freight forwarding and shipping, logistics, analytics, and transportation management systems. In addition to its Garden City, NY headquarters, Quloi maintains offices in Pune and Mumbai, India.