Streamlined Purchase Order Automation & Management

Tired of manual PO processes? Quloi revolutionizes purchase order management, giving you real-time visibility, streamlining workflows, and reducing errors.

Spend insights

Obtain self-service spend insights to arrive at data-driven solutions.

Custom Reports

Rearrange, hide, and display data based on your priorities and business needs.

Timely Reminders

Use automated alerts to spot bottlenecks, errors, and delays in PO approvals.

Say goodbye to

Illegible handwriting and missing documents
Capture POs in digital forms, stored securely in the cloud.

Endless data entry
Automate PO capture, retrieval, and routing, eliminating hours of manual work.

Delayed approvals and purchase mistakes
Set up custom approval workflows and rules for accuracy and efficiency.

Limited visibility and collaboration
Gain 360° visibility into your PO process with easy collaboration tools.

Compliance Issues
Prevent irregularities, discrepancies, and variations with a rule-based process flow.

Take Control of Your PO process with Quloi’s
PO Software

Role-based Approvals
Place purchases faster and increase spend oversight with custom approval workflows. No more order requests lost in your inbox or spreadsheets.

Order Tracking
Stay up-to-date on your orders by tracking your purchase order statuses through the entire purchasing lifecycle, from approval to fulfillment to delivery.

Audit Trials
Quickly access information from every order in a secure, centralized, and filterable location and review the purchase approval history at any time.

Intelligent PO Management
You don’t have to shuffle between email, spreadsheets, and other tools to stay on track. Track and manage everything—from pre-PO issuance to delivery in the warehouse.

Unified Platform
See all PO data in one place, making it easier to analyze the available information and make data-driven decisions.

Digital Quotes
Request shipping rates and receive quotes digitally through a centralized system, ensuring an efficient,
hassle-free process for suppliers.

All your Purchase Orders, In One Place

Track every purchase order with clear status updates. Buyers can use the intuitive dashboard to filter orders by status, ask suppliers for updates, and change outstanding orders with full audit trails. Granular user access and permissions control.

approval delays

Leverage a customizable approval workflow for your purchase orders. Workflows by location, department, project, and more. Automatically capture all updates and link these with the process. Smart notifications
(Email, App, MS Teams and Slack)


Connect your ERP to suppliers through automated API and custom integration options.  Single source of truth methodology with scheduled automatic imports and exports. Notification integrations with Slack and MS Teams

See Line-Level Details

PO changes often involve only one or two line items. Ditch complex spreadsheets or multiple emails. Our platform shows you every line item and allows you to communicate with suppliers on each. Achieve line-by-line details of every PO at your fingertips.

Create Collaboration Channels

Connect seamlessly with suppliers for better communication. Share PO updates and track changes with ease. Foster supplier-led innovation through collaborative platforms. Improve supplier relationships and boost vendor satisfaction.

Purchase Order Automation

Increase visibility into your procurement processes to control costs, reduce errors, and improve vendor relationships. By eliminating paper-based purchase orders (POs), you ensure your AP team is always in-the-know.

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